Working to a budget around the globe, Shoot On Stage is a production company that captures and translates stage to screen for the world’s Entertainment Industry. We produce commercials, documentaries and B–rolls with one aim: to inform and sell tickets through compelling quality content.


Our Creative Team consists of international Award-winning Directors and Producers, Emmy Award-winning Editor and a 3D Studio and Audio Studio whose experience is unparalleled.


Our creative team can work from a brief to create a concept or work from a provided concept to final master that will provide the audience and client with a concise piece of communication of the highest quality.


Through years of producing material for the Entertainment Industry and understanding the challenges of translating stage to screen, Shoot On Stage uses fail-safe techniques and a truly collaborative process to capture the magic of the stage.


The variety of work Shoot On Stage does for the Entertainment Industry spans blockbuster musicals to smaller plays and exhibitions.